The Electronic Caregiver Company is a nationwide medical alert company with an Eastern Headquarters located in Pearl, Mississippi at 1307 Airport Rd. We welcome your phone calls at (601) 206-0908.

Electronic Caregiver provides a home safety and health management service that is different from other medical alerts by focusing on the customer experience. Our customers are usually looking to ensure they live long, healthy & happy lives surrounded by friends, family, and belongings in the home they love. Our system is designed for the generation that is living active lives well into their retirement. The devices look modern and sleek, and the service expands beyond emergency response to provide daily health management.

Benefits of Electronic Caregiver (ECG) Medical Alert

Jackson Medical AlertQuestions Answered for Any Health Concern
Check-in with licensed EMT operators 24/7 via a two way communications link. Our customers can skip late night calls to loved ones or pharmacy visits and connect to an Emergency Medical Technician if they experience discomfort, head, chest pain, abdominal pain, trouble breathing, trouble swallowing, or an allergic reaction.

Management of Medications Electronically
Electronic Caregiver is programmed with the customer’s medication and/or medical test schedule. On site reminders are physically acknowledged by customers, who have the option to alert neighbors and family members to check-in if a scheduled task is missed.

Service at the Touch of One Button
Our discreet, wrist worn pendants provide one-touch access to emergency help while appearing stylish. The comfortable band’s appearance is indistinguishable in appearance from today’s latest fitness bands. The pendant is water resistant, allowing full coverage in the most private of moments.

Ultimate Safety Net
An inactivity sensing unit provides redundancy by looking for movement during common times of activity. In the event that no movement is detected, responsible parties like neighbors and family members will be alerted to check in with you. This ensures that alerts will go out if there is reason to be concerned that a customer may have lost consciousness or otherwise be unable to reach their medical alert wrist pendant.

Trained Medical Professionals
Electronic Caregiver operators are highly trained Class-B certified Emergency Medical Technicians. When you utilize your ECG medical alert system, our licensed operators will stay on the line with you until your concern is addressed or first responder help is there to assist.

Expandable Benefits and Features
Packages are available that include doctor on demand service, medical debt negotiation services, and smoke/carbon monoxide sensing units.

Medical Alert Services for Jackson Caregivers

Jackson Medical AlertFor both family and professional caregivers, we offer tremendous peace of mind and quality of service when you’re unable to physically be at the home providing assistance. On average, professional caregivers are able to be onsite for 4 hours of service, 5 hours a week, or 80 hours a month. We can provide additional coverage for the 640 hours when they’re offsite.

For those of us with rehabilitating loved ones, family is our first priority. Electronic Caregiver medical alert systems provide relief for tired family caregivers who need to bathe, run errands, and sleep. With Electronic Caregiver, family members can go about their day with the comfort their loved ones are protected in the event of any medical emergency.

To setup a custom consultation on how Electronic Caregiver can provide peace of mind and protect quality of life, please call (601) 206-0908. We’ll come visit you for an in-home consultation, or you can stop by our office at 1307 Airport Rd N in Flowood, Mississippi. See what The Wellness Hour had to say about Electronic Caregiver:


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“Our mission is to preserve the independence and extend the life of the large population of people at risk of incident, incapacitation or death, due to the effects of physical challenges, disabilities, serious illness or aging. We empower seniors and those with serious health concerns with the ability to live at home. We also protect them from the often catastrophic consequences of unattended injuries.” – CEO Anthony Dohrmann